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Dear graduated class of Brighton Academy

As apart of keeping together, we have put together a trip for all graduates to travel to Paris, France for 3 weeks. Paris, the romance capital of the world, the wine capital of the world and of course the food capital of the world. 

We have chosen Paris as the destination due to travel agents finding the best possible accommodation.  All graduates will be accommodated into groups of 3, staying in various rooms of the Le fuit Luxure Hotel in the heart of Paris. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided, all you need to do is bring your camera, passport, a spare change of clothes, your children if you have them, and even a friend. 

Flight leaves LAX Airport at 12pm, 15th of April and the plane arrives at Paris Airport at 8pm. 


Room #1: 

  • Austin Evans
  • Enzo Puckerman
  • Emmerson Berry

Room # 2: 

  • Dimitri Chang
  • Lily St James
  • Seth Fabray

Room # 3: 

  • Brielle Fabray
  • Finn Hudson
  • Arianna Lopez

Room # 4: 

  • Quentin Ludwing
  • Jaxon Puckerman
  • Zoey Rose

Room # 5: 

  • Catalina Pierce
  • Alexandre St James
  • Xavier Evans

Room # 6:

  • Quinn Fabray
  • Luca Motta
  • Charlotte Hudson

Room #7:

  • Harley Fabray
  • James Rose
  • Scarlet Smythe

Room #8

  • Ezra Anderson
  • Spencer Abrams
  • Melanie Shadow

Room #9:

  • Rachel Berry
  • Logan Rayne
  • Olivia Lopez

Room #10: 

  • Peyton Pierce
  • Killian Hudson
  • Stella Lopez

Room #11:

  • Summer Evans
  • Gabriel Smythe

Who knows what will happen in Paris. 

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